All rates and terms are effective as of 12/01/2017.
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Auto Loans APR
Auto Loans (2016 & newer) 2.50%
Auto Loans (2013 to 2015) 3.00%
Auto Loans (2010 to 2012) 3.75%
Auto Loans (2009 & older) 4.75%

Recreational Vehicles (Motorcycles, Boats, Campers, ATV's, Jet Skis, Snowmobiles) APR
Rec Vehicles (2016 & newer) 3.50%
Rec Vehicles (2013 to 2015) 4.00%
Rec Vehicles (2010 & 2012) 4.50%
Rec Vehicles (2009 & older) & Other Securities 5.50%

Signature APR
Fixed 10.90%
Line of Credit 10.90%

Student Loans APR
Variable, Unsecured 4.00%

Visa APR
Standard Rate 10.90%

Share Secured APR
Term Share Certificates Current rate earned on Term Share Certificate being used as collateral plus 2.00%

****Home Equity / Home ImprovementTermAPR
Home ImprovementSecured*7.75%
Home ImprovementUnsecured9.00%
Home Equity Line of Credit 80% LTV & lower 4.00% variable
Home Equity Line of Credit 81% - 90% LTV 5.25% variable
Closed End 80% LTV & lower60 months or less4.75%
Closed End 81% - 90% LTV60 months or less5.25%
Closed End 80% LTV & lower61 - 120 months5.75%
Closed End 81% - 90% LTV61 - 120 months6.25%
Closed End Balloon Note 80% LTV & lower10-20 yr. ammort. with 5 yr balloon4.75%
Closed End Balloon Note 81% - 90% LTV10-20 yr. ammort. with 5 yr balloon5.25%

****Available to Minnesota, Arizona, Indiana, Georgia, Kansas, & Missouri Residents

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. 

Rates subject to change. Fees or other conditions could reduce the earnings on the account. Term of loans may vary based on age of collateral and applicant's credit history. Other conditions may apply. 

An example of a 5-year fixed rate home equity loan monthly payment at the quoted rate would be 60 monthly payments of $380.00 on a $20,000 loan.
For the variable rate home equity line of credit, he APR will vary based on an index.  The index is the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal. 

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