FECU Tax Documents

As you prepare for tax season FECU would like to remind you of the following:

-          You will NOT receive a 1099 if you have earned less than $10.00 total in interest on your savings, money market, and certificate accounts in 2017.

-          You will NOT receive a 1098 if you have paid less than $600.00 total in interest on your loans (1098 forms only apply to Home Equity, Home Improvement, and Student Loans) in 2017.

-          You should receive your 1098/1099 by the end of January.

You can always check the interest (paid and earned) on your accounts in Online Banking.

1.       Simply log into Online Banking

2.       Hover over the “Accounts” tab

3.       Click on “Year to Date”

4.       Your current and previous year’s interest totals will be at the bottom of the page

5.       There is a small print icon in the upper, right corner if you would like a copy for your records.

You can also refer to your December 2017 statement for your interest paid and earned in 2017.