Be Aware of Holiday Scams

The following is a list of scams to put on your list to watch out for this holiday season.

  • Card scam - Watch transaction activity daily on your credit and debit cards to confirm no one else is using them.
  • Fake charity scam - Check them out before contributing.
  • Fake retailer apps when shopping online - Secure sites have https.
  • Online shopping scam - Secure sites have https.
  • Email cheap deal scam - Don't click the links in the body of the email.
  • Home delivery scam - Never call back or give out personal or financial information.
  • Empty gift card scam - Purchase gift cards from your credit union or reputable retailer.
  • Fake flights and accommodation scam - Check it out before you purchase.
  • Time share scam - Research before committing to it.
  • Phishing scam - Watch for email, text message and phone calls asking for personal or financial information or for you to participate in a winning.
  • Fake tech support scam - If you didn't call them, hang up.
  • Skimming scam - Examine ATMs before swiping your card. If it's a chip card, use the chip if the device is chip enabled.
  • Coupon scam - Don't respond if they request personal or financial information.
  • Holiday job scam - Be alert to fake job postings or work at home scams.
  • Fake check scam - Never send funds back on any overpayment check.
  • E-card scam - Take extra caution before clicking on an e-card/invite.
  • Identity theft - Keep an eye on your identifiable information.
  • Social engineering scam - Be alert to individuals asking for information and be careful what you post on social media sites.
  • Social media scam - Don't respond to these advertisements.
  • Free item scam - Don't respond.
  • Malware scam - Confirm home computers and mobile devices are secure.
  • Depleting financial account scam - Monitor financial accounts daily to identify if anyone has tampered with your funds or information.

This is the time of the year to keep a close eye on your financial statements and to stay alert to anything that seems suspicious or abnormal. Cyber crooks are waiting to find a weak link. Let's all work together to help avoid holiday scams and have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.