FECU VISA® Credit Card 0% Balance Transfer Special

VISA® Credit Card Balance Transfer Special

Too much fun this holiday season?  Transfer your high rate credit card balance to a FECU Credit Card and enjoy 0% interest on the balance transfer through the end of 2018!  This offer is only available 1/22/2018 through 3/22/18, so act fast!

Some other FECU VISA® Credit Card benefits include:
* Up to 1% cash back on purchases
* No annual fees
* 25 day grace period on purchases
* Low interest rate-10.9% 
* Low monthly payments

A 3% balance transfer fee will be applied at the time of the transfer (minimum $25).  New and existing cardholders are eligible.  If you already have an FECU VISA® credit card, please complete this Balance Transfer Form.  If you do not yet have an FECU VISA® credit card, please also send us a completed Credit Card Application.  After 12/31/18, the rate will return to the current rate effective at that time.  For more information on our Credit Cards, please click here.